Prefabricated Granite Countertops

Natural, elegant, durable, and functional, many believe there is no better or more beautiful material for countertops and vanity tops than granite. However, these unique characteristics come with a price tag that is not commonly affordable. It is not unusual that one should expect to pay $70 - $140 per square foot of granite countertop. As granite gets more and more popular in home improvement projects, we find a fabulous solution that will lower the price significantly by adopting standardized granite prefabrication.

countertopsWe now have prefabricated granite slabs that are machine-polished on 2 sides. They come in sizes of 96" x 26" and 96" x 30" with thickness of 3/4". vanityAs edge treatment we have bull nose and square edges. The latter is especially suitable for do-it-yourself projects. These slabs come in a variety of colors, priced between $200 and $400, for you to choose.

Our standardized granite vanity top is $150 a piece. Sized at 49"x22" the vanity top is prefabricated with machine-polished sinkhole and precut faucet holes.

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